Simba Mattress Review

Read this in-depth expert review of the Simba Mattress where we cover product information, pricing, and feel to see if this product is right for you.

Simba has a lot of experience in the field of mattresses. Starting in 1979, the UK-based company supplied material to traditional mattress manufacturers in over 35 different countries. Ten years later, Simba decided to produce mattresses of its own. Using data from the Sleep To Live Institute (which profiles more than 10 million people!) they developed up to 70 different prototypes before arriving at what they consider to be the perfect mattress. Let’s see shall we!

Whilst there certainly isn’t a lack of healthy competition from the bed-in-a-box brands, the launch of Simba’s new-generation Hybrid mattress makes it a serious contender. Combining memory foam and pocket springs, Simba has put a lot of thought into the new design, with an all round edge support designed to prop up even the wildest of sleepers. Fun fact before we start our Simba mattress review: in Swahili, Simba means ‘King of Sleep’.

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If you don’t have time, head straight to our Final Score of this Simba Hybrid Mattress Review.

Composition of the Simba Mattress

When you research mattresses online, you will notice that there are few mattresses that consist of just one solid piece or material. The best-known materials used for filling are: memory foam, pocket springs and latex.
The Simba mattress has a mix of all these materials and is therefore called ‘hybrid’. With a thickness of 25cm, the Simba Hybrid is made up of the following 5 layers:


SimbaPura Cover
SimbaPura is a cover made of 100% polyester, it is hypoallergenic and has ventilating and temperature-regulating properties – a crucial cooling feature.


Simbatex® is a 4cm layer of synthetic latex. It consists of a mix of sustainable natural resources such as soybean oil and refreshing natural balms. The material is soft, comfortable and aides increased airflow, to create a cooling effect during the night. The latex is synthetic, so no problem for those with allergies.


Supportive Pocket Springs
This third layer is made up of 2,500 (in the King Size mattress) tightly-packed micro pocket springs. The conical shape allows each spring to move individually in response to movement, ensuring the sleeper is well supported whatever their position and won’t be disturbed by their partners movements on the other side of the bed. It does not matter if you sleep on your back, side or stomach; the Simba mattress is suitable for everyone.


Memory foam
This visco-elastic memory foam layer is 3 cm thick and has a density of 50 kg/m3. Often used in other mattresses, this layer shapes around the contours of your body, distributing your weight evenly over the contact surface and helping to alleviate pressure points.


Support foam
As the largest part of the mattress at 15.5cm, this durable foam layer offers strength and stability to the bed as a whole. The castellations – or grooves – in this zoned base provide flexibility and allow air to escape, keeping the mattress cool at night (a problem that can often be found in mattresses made solely from memory foam).


Edge support
A new addition and a great one! This high density foam border incases the 5 layers and strengthens the edges of the mattress, so even if you end up right on the edge of the bed, you will still be fully supported. A lovely feature that nudges the Simba mattress ahead of its competitors.

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Firmness and feel

The Simba Hybrid has a medium firmness. The memory foam allows for good sinkage, whilst the pocket springs work well in ensuring that your partner’s movements in the middle of the night cause minimal disturbance across the other half of the mattress. It is responsive (good for sex) and pressure is spread evenly over the surface area. The mattress has reviewed especially well in relieving stiffness for those who often wake up back or hip ache. Indeed, we found no problems whether we slept on our backs, sides or front.
The Simba mattress works well on any surface – it can be placed on a slatted base (ideally the slats shouldn’t be more than 3cm apart according to Simba), box spring, spiral base, or even on the ground. Simba even sells its own adjustable bed.
Moreover with the layered components such as they are, there is no need to flip this mattress after a certain period of time. To extend the lifespan of your Simba mattress, you can turn the mattress from top to bottom. The cover is removable and easily cleaned as it can be machine washed at 30°C. One issue is that there are no handles on the side of the cover, so moving the mattress can be a bit of a struggle! Always best to do this with the help of at least one other person.

Sizes and pricing

Simba is slightly more expensive than its competitors in the bed-in-a-box market, however they offer a wider range of sizes, and the quality makes up for the price. Overall it’s still cheaper than many mattresses found through more traditional outlets. Here you can find an overview of the prices of the most popular sizes:

Mattress Size Price
Single W90 L190 cm £449
Double W135 L190 cm £649
King Size W150 L200 cm £749
Super King Size W180 L200 cm £849

Customer Buying Experience

At Simba you can pay as a standard one-off payment by using a debit, credit card and PayPal. Large amounts are never nice to pay in one go, so they also offer financing options DivideBuy and Splitit – both allow you to divide payments over a series of months, with 0% interest.

Simba regularly offers discounts with which you can further reduce costs. The most recent discount codes for Simba can be found on the mattress deals section. You can use the discount codes at the checkout once you have clicked “Add to Cart”.

Delivery of your Simba mattress

Delivery is quick, easy and hassle free. The Simba mattress can be delivered between 2 – 5 working days free of charge (there is an option for Express Delivery and Express Delivery + Mattress Removal, both at an additional cost).

With bed-in-a-box mattresses one of the crucial elements is of course, the box! The Simba mattress is packaged in a box to reduce transport costs, reduce the carbon footprint during delivery and make transportation easier for the person who has to move it. The box in which Simba is delivered is relatively small (50x50x105cm), making it easy to fit in an average city car.

Unboxing your Simba Mattress

The mattress arrives rolled up in a vacuum-packed plastic coating. Because the mattress contains pocket springs, one might think that the rolling process will affect the mattress. However the conical shape of the springs allows them to twist together, press flat and return to their original shape when unpacking, without any damage.
It’s so well stored that you can keep the Simba in the box for 9 months without it being damaged. There is a handy cutter you can use to unzip the packaging, and leave for a few hours for it to take its full shape. There is a bit of a smell when first unwrapping, but this does disperse not long after.

Simba's 10-year Warranty and 100 Day Trial

Simba offer a 10 year warranty in the event of a defect in the mattress that does not result from unreasonable use, (it covers such things as manufacturing and technical defects). They will collect the mattress for free and exchange for a brand new mattress from Simba.

As a substitute to not being able to test the mattress in a shop, Simba also offers a 100 days free trial. The probationary period starts on the day of delivery – you can unpack it completely and use it as normal before changing your mind. It is recommended to try out your mattress for a minimum of 30 days, as it can sometimes take a while before you are used to a new mattress.

If you are not completely satisfied, the return delivery is free and the Simba customer services are very user friendly. However with 95% of Simba customers keeping their mattress, there is a good chance that you will keep yours too! Take a look at the Simba website for recent customer reviews.

Why Should You Buy a Simba Mattress?

Then this is the one for you. The bed is comfortable, firm, responsive and cooling. For a hybrid mattress it’s one of the best you can get and the customer reviews are unanimously positive!

The harmonious partnership of memory foam and pocket spring is the perfect combination for a good night’s sleep. The Simba mattress is not too hard, not too soft – it’s just right! It works especially well for back and side sleepers and the well-thought through design alleviates pressure points and provides support from edge to edge.

The reactivity of Simba is one of the best – it shapes perfectly around your body however you won’t be left sinking into the mattress each time you move. It’s made from excellent quality material and is breathable enough to keep the night sweats at bay.

Simba Mattress Review final score

Simba Mattress Review
Excellent Mattress!
In our opinion, the Simba mattress is one of the most advanced Hybrid mattresses on the market. The mattress has the ideal balance between lying comfort and body support. Thanks to this advanced formula, the Simba mattress adapts perfectly to your body, allowing you to enjoy wonderful sleeping comfort for years to come.
Brand reputation
Sleep Experience
Reader Rating0 Votes
Unique Hybrid design and high quality materials
A stretchable, breathable cover that is hypoallergenic and easily removed
Very responsive thanks to the latex layer & 2500 mini pocket springs
Durable and produced with high quality materials
Excellent support and stability – proven improvement in customer’s aches and pains
A wait of at least 4-5 hours before the first use, and a slight off-gassing smell
Simba Mattress Review

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Simba Mattress Discount
Simba Mattress Discount
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