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Read this in-depth expert review of the Eve Mattress where we cover product information, pricing, and feel to see if this product is right for you.

Founded in 2014, Eve was one of the first mattress start-ups to hit the UK market (along with Simba). You might already know their distinctive yellow advertising, often splashed across the platform of a London tube station, or their sloth mascot currently springing about on social media. They now have a much wider range of products, producing 5 different mattresses (not including the baby mattress), which include a design solely made of foam, a hybrid mattress, and a “light” version of memory foam as a cheaper alternative; however it is their Original Mattress that we will focus on for this Eve mattress review. Previous versions of this Original design haven’t always gone down well with reviewers, so how will the latest design fare?

Below we discuss the following information on the Eve Original Mattress review. If you have limited time, click here to read our final opinion on eve.

Composition of the Eve Original Mattress

Now on the third adaptation of their Original mattress, Eve has made a few changes here and there to the body of the mattress. As with rival brands Emma and Nectar, the Eve mattress is constructed solely from foam.

 With 3 different layers and an outside case, here is how it stacks up:


The eve comfort Layer
A 3.5cm layer of springy foam, which gives the mattress it’s bounce. It has an “open-cell” structure, designed to allow air to flow easily through the top layer of the mattress and help dissipate body heat. 


The Memory Layer
The middle layer is slightly firmer – made of polyurethane foam, it is supportive and breathable.


The Base Layer
A base layer of high density foam: this is what gives the mattress support and durability. It has 7 zoned sections cut into the face of the mattress to relieve pressure in problem areas.


The Outside Cover/Anti Slip Base
The bright yellow outside cover encases the foam. The top side is “moisture wicking”, whilst the base is anti slip, maintaining a strong, supportive hold whilst you sleep.

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Firmness and feel

Whilst memory foam can be incredibly malleable, we actually found the Eve to be more on the firm side. On a scale where 1 is the softest and 10 the firmest, we’d give the Eve Original a 7/10. Of course, this would change with time; after a few months the mattress should give a little. The firmness will vary, dependent on the base your bed is lying on. The Eve mattress works well on wooden slats and platform beds, whereas a box spring tends to create a softer feel. If you use slats, Eve recommends that the gaps should not exceed 7cm.

Weight is also a factor to consider when buying a mattress. Whilst the Eve Original mattress is supportive no matter your sleeping position (on your side, back and front we found no problems), if you are a little on the heavier side, then your comfort levels may vary. A very good reason to make use of the 100 day trial!

Motion transfer (i.e. when your partner moves on their side of the bed, you feel movement on your side), is somewhat noticeable with the eve Original mattress. We did find there was some disturbance with getting into and out of bed and the edge support also isn’t that strong.

The distinctive yellow edging on the mattress cover – whilst aesthetically pleasing – is also slightly uncomfortable. It wraps around the entire mattress and meets with the zip at the top, meaning if you like to sleep with one arm hanging off the bed it can feel slightly uncomfortable. And alas – there are no handles on the sides! The cover is easily removed, however it is only the white top surface that can go in the washing machine up to 40⁰C; Eve recommend spot cleaning the yellow sides.

Sizes and pricing

Pricing is, of course, a very important factor when making your choice. The bed-in-a-box mattresses all tend to be fairly in-line with each other, however Eve is is slightly cheaper than the pricing of Simba or Emma.

The Eve Original Mattress can be bought in a range of sizes (including EU sizing options). Visit the official website of eve website here, where you can find an overview of all the current sizes and prices.

Ordering your Eve Mattress

You can order your Eve Original mattress online, via their website or on Amazon and eBay. Unlike some of their competition, Eve can also be found in many high street stores, including Next, Dunelm and Debenhams, so you can try before you buy.

Once the mattress is added to your cart, you can pay for the mattress with a credit/debit card or by using Paypal. Eve also offer a financing option, so the customer can split the cost over 12 monthly installments through Divido, with 0% interest.

Eve regularly offers discounts with which you can further reduce costs. The most recent discount codes for eve can be found on this page. You can use the discount codes at the checkout once you have clicked “Add to Cart”.

Delivery of an Eve Mattress

The Eve mattress is packaged in a box to reduce transport costs, reduce the carbon footprint during delivery and make transportation easier for the person who has to move it. Your new mattress can be ordered via standard delivery or next day/nominated date for a small fee. Standard delivery takes up to 3 working days, between 8am – 7pm and is free of charge. Next day or nominated day delivery for the mattress is £15.

With their standard delivery, there is an insurance issue with couriers taking mattresses any further than the front entrance. If you live on your own and handling heavy objects can pose a problem (especially if living in an apartment or small home with a narrow staircase), so best to look at the delivery options in detail here.

Unboxing your Eve

The Eve mattress arrives compressed in a vacuum packed casing, inside a cardboard box. The box is around 43cm x 43cm x 110cm for sizes up to a double and weighs between 23kg (single size) to 67kg (king size). If you aren’t ready to unbox it straight away, the mattress can stay in it’s packaging for up to 1 month. 

Once the packaging is removed and the mattress unrolled, it will take between 4 – 6 hours until it is fully raised and ready to sleep on. The mattress does release a gas-like smell when first unwrapped, but this will disappear soon after.

Eve's 100 Day Trial Period

Eve offers a 100 Day Trial period and a 10 Year Warranty on their mattresses, which is standard to all of these bed-in-a-box brands. It’s quite a crucial detail when ordering online, as how else can you properly test it? As we have said before, it’s best to give it some time before making your final decision as the mattress does take a while to fully settle. For other products, the trial period deadline will vary, so best to consult their website. Returns are free and mattresses are picked up direct from your home. 

The 10 year warranty starts on the day the mattress is delivered, covering such things as a fault in the zipper, damage during transit or deterioration through normal use. Take a look at the eve website for recent customer reviews and a full overview of their 10 Year Warranty.

Why Should You Buy an Eve Mattress?

If you’ve decided memory foam is your base of choice, then the Eve original mattress is a good option. Heat dispersion is slightly better than with the average memory foam mattress and very easy to maintain.

Eve sleeps slightly firmer than some of their memory foam competitors. Still highly comfortable for back, side and front sleepers, it has a little more resistance so you won’t be sinking to the point of no return.

Eve produce, deliver and run their offices all from within the UK, so you shouldn’t find any difficulties with mattress damage or difficulties getting through to customer services.

Our Final Score of the Eve Original Mattress

Eve Mattress Review
Very good Memory Foam Mattress
In our opinion, the Eve Mattress is an excellent Memory Foam mattress.
Brand reputation
Sleep Experience
Reader Rating0 Votes
Unique Hybrid design and high quality materials
A stretchable, breathable cover that is hypoallergenic and easily removed
Very responsive thanks to the latex layer & 2500 mini pocket springs
Durable and produced with high quality materials
Excellent support and stability – proven improvement in customer’s aches and pains
A wait of at least 4-5 hours before the first use, and a slight off-gassing smell
Eve Mattress Review

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Eve Mattress Discount
Eve Mattress Discount
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