Emma Mattress Review

Read this in-depth expert review of the Emma Mattress where we cover product information, pricing, and feel to see if this product is right for you.

With over 200,000 mattresses sold since its launch in 2015, the Emma Mattress can be considered one of the most successful mattress start-ups in Europe. German founder Max Laarmann wished to offer the most comfortable mattress possible at a fair and affordable price. Years later with many awards under their belt, is the Emma Mattress the right one for you?

The Emma Original Mattress isn’t actually their first model, despite the name. This second rendition is comprised solely of memory-foam, combining 3 special layers and a removable, easily-washed top cover. Emma has been manufactured and delivered around the UK for some time now, however they have very recently paired up with John Lewis, making their products available in store for the first time.

Find our Emma mattress review below, to learn everything you need to know: pros, cons and suitability to different sleeping positions. 

Composition of an Emma Mattress

Emma has put a lot of time and attention into the design of the Emma Mattress. The new design consists of 3 foam layers – each utilises a different foam technology to offer support, relieve pressure and regulate temperature. 

The layers are broken down as follows:


COVER – 100% polyester mattress top cover, regulates humidity whilst the under side supports air circulation to cool the mattress down and has an anti-slip bottom.


COMFORT LAYER – The top layer, the brand’s trademarked Airgocell®, is a foam layer of 4cm with a density of 41 kg / m3. The elasticity provides real comfort and allows movement without affecting the rest of the bed – ideal for sleeping with two.


MEMORY FOAM – The second layer is made from visco-elastic memory foam. It has a density of 58 kg / m3 and is also 4cm thick. The material – originally developed for NASA astronauts – evenly distributes pressure and adapts completely to the contours of your body for optimum comfort.


HRX MATERIAL – The bottom layer consists of 17 cm of cold foam with a density of 30 kg / m3. As the firmest part of the mattress, the cold foam provides stability, regardless of your sleeping position, so that your back, shoulders and neck are always adequately supported.

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Firmness and feel

These unique foam technologies help to make this mattress the perfect all-rounder for most sleepers. We gave the mattress a medium firmness (7/10) – strong enough to be supportive, yet soft enough to provide comfort. You can apply quite a bit of pressure to the surface before you meet real resistance – it adapts well to any weight between 50 and 130 kg.

It seems that some customers do find the mattress slightly too firm. If you prefer a softer mattress but still like the feel of memory foam, then best to check out our Eve mattress review. It is worth bearing in mind that the mattress can take a few days to settle in, so do give it a little bit of time before you make a decision.

The mattress provides excellent lumbar support, whether you are lying on your back or on your front, and for side sleepers the foam layers do not allow your hips to drop too low and cause an ache in the morning. The Airgocell layer works very well to alleviate heat whilst the cover is both breathable and moisture-regulating.

Another useful feature, Emma mattress cover is suitable for any type of surfaces. Thanks to the anti-slip layer of the cover, the mattress does not move (as long as the base is steady, clean and dry). You can use this mattress on any base and with a depth of 25cm it fits all standard sheet sizes.

Sizes and pricing

As always, the price is a big influence when choosing a new mattress, especially when comparing the online mattress companies, and it has to be said that Emma isn’t one of the cheaper options. 

There is only one model, the Emma Original Mattress, and the prices vary per size (all of the mattresses have a 25cm depth, regardless of the size you choose).

Visit the official website of Emma here, where you can find an overview of all the current sizes and prices.

Ordering your Emma Mattress

The process of ordering the Emma mattress is simple. The website is slick and easy to navigate – add the products to your shopping cart and click on checkout. Emma accepts debit and credit cards, or payments via PayPal. Emma also offers the possibility to make staggered monthly payments without interest – a nice feature as not everyone can afford to pay £700 for a new mattress in one fell swoop. 


Once you have clicked on “Add to Cart”, it will give you an option to “Enter Discount Codes”. Here you can find all our current discount codes for the Emma mattress.

Delivery of the Emma Mattress

The costs for delivery and returns are covered by Emma. A delivery confirmation will be sent to you once the mattress has been processed and is shipped using either UPS, DPD or Parcel Force. The mattress is then delivered straight to your front door. More traditional manufacturers often have delivery times of up to 2-3 weeks, whereas Emma only takes a few days – there is however, no option for a next day delivery.

Unboxing your Emma

The Emma Original Mattress is delivered vacuum-packed in a compact white box of 50x50x150cm. Sometimes the box can arrive looking fairly tattered, however the vacuum-packaging help to keep the mattress pristine. In the box is an envelope with instruction booklet and a foil cutter, with which you can effortlessly remove the film from the mattress to allow it to decompress. Give it a few hours before you lay down, as it needs to settle. There is a fairly strong chemical smell once you open the packaging, but this will disappear after a few days.

'Don't worry, Sleep Happy'

Scoring highly on Which?, Good Housekeeping and other such consumer guides, the quality of Emma is agreed on across the board, therefore you shouldn’t worry about damage to your mattress. Nevertheless, Emma offers a mattress guarantee of 10 years. The guarantee starts on the day the mattress is delivered. To be able to use the guarantee, you must be able to prove an order confirmation that is in your name – if the mattress is sold second-hand, the warranty will lapse. The warranty covers such things as a fault in the zipper, damage or premature wear of the foam during normal use. However, it does not cover comfort preferences, back pain, or other damage and wear caused by improper use. 

Emma also offer a 100 Day Trial period in which you can change your mind and arrange for a return – according to customer reviews this process is largely completely hassle-free!

Why Should You Buy an Emma Mattress?

Endorsed by experts, it is a Which? best buy and scores highly across the board, especially when it comes to lying comfort and durability.

All three layers contribute to an exceptional sleeping comfort that meets the needs of the majority of sleepers. The 6.5 firmness provide excellent support regardless of how you sleep. Many customers have reported a marked improvement to the aches they previously woke up with. 

Despite being made of foam, the Emma is slightly firmer than some of its competitors. An excellent choice for those who sleep better with a bit more support, without losing its lasting comfort. 

Our Final Score of the Emma Original Mattress

Emma Mattress Review
Probably the Best Memory Foam Mattress out there
In our opinion, the Emma mattress is one of the most comfortable Memory Foam mattress on the market. It’s a perfect all-rounder, highly durable mattress produced with excellent quality foam.
Brand reputation
Sleep Experience
Reader Rating1 Vote
Endorsed by experts
Exceptional sleeping comfort
Perfect all-rounder for most sleepers
A wait of at least 4-5 hours before the first use, and a slight off-gassing smell
Emma Mattress Review

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Emma Mattress Discount
Emma Mattress Discount
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