Otty Mattress Review

Read this in-depth expert review of the Otty Mattress where we cover product information, pricing, and feel to see if this product is right for you.

Like the idea of a mattress-in-a-box, yet find the squeeze on your pock a bit too much?
Can’t choose between memory foam and springs?
Well, maybe the Otty Hybrid is for you!

Based in Leeds, founder Michal Szlas launched Otty in 2016 in reaction to what he viewed as a confusing and expensive market. Whilst their competitors might have got the head-start, Otty seem to have cornered the cheaper end of the market, by creating a mattress that would suit every sleeper without costing them too dearly.

As an ex-athlete Michal was looking for something to really help his body rest – but will our review give this mattress a podium finish? We will focus this review on their first model the Otty Hybrid Mattress; a combination of memory foam and springs encased in a striking black design.

Composition of the Otty Mattress

Most mattresses nowadays consist of more than just one layer or material. The most popular materials for mattresses are Memory Foam and Springs

The Otty has a mix of both: Foam & Springs and can therefore be called a ‘Hybrid’ mattress. The Otty Hybrid is made up of the following layers:


Hypo-Allergenic Washable Cover
Made from 97% polyester and 3% spandex, the Otty cover is hypo-allergenic, latex-free and machine-washable up to 40°C. It is soft to the touch and has multiple mini-perforations to allow air to escape. 


Temperature Regulating Memory Foam
A top layer of memory foam infused with blue gel, designed to regulate the temperature of the mattress and provide lasting comfort. 


High Density Support Foam
The support foam cushions the springs underneath and supports the sleeper no matter their position.


2000 Encapsulated Pocket Springs
Nestled in the core of the mattress, the springs measure in at 14cm with 2000 springs (in the King-sized mattress) tightly packed together. This layer is designed to keep motion transfer to a minimum and provide additional support. 


Air-Flow Side Support
The edge to edge support encircling the mattress provides a stable base. No matter where the sleeper is on the mattress, they won’t roll off in the night. The puncture holes along the sides aide the cooling of the mattress.


HD Base Foam
And finally a good sturdy base to hold it all together. The “High Density Foam” base layer steadies the layers on top and ensures the mattress will last.  

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Firmness and feel

Two common problems often found with a memory foam mattress is that they sleep too warm and there is too much sinkage. A traditional pocket sprung mattress can have real problems with comfort. Enter Otty – a hybrid mattress which aims to tackle all of these issues head-on (or even back, front and side-on!). 

The Otty Hybrid Mattress has 2000 springs (in the king-sized mattress) nestled within 4 layers of foam. The springs are 14cm long – much longer than the springs in competitors mattresses – and yet you’ll never find uncomfortable wires poking through. The mattress is comfortable and has a good amount of bounce, however it is firmer than most other bed-in-a-box mattresses we have tested. We give it a 7.5/10 for firmness (with being 10 the firmest) and would suggest it is best for those who sleep on their backs. If you prefer a softer sleep then this may not be the mattress for you. If however you have a slightly heavier frame, then the increased support is beneficial. The mattress is suitable for any person weighing up to 138kg (just over 21 stone). 

The cooling effect of the blue gel works really well; the mattress is wonderfully cool to lay on and we didn’t find any issue with waking up too hot at night. The Otty Mattress has a strong edge support with the addition of the Air Flow Side Support, increasing the sleeping surface area and preventing the owner from sliding off each side when sitting down. The motion transfer isn’t as subtle however – we did find some movements were noticeable. 

The mattress is 25cm in depth and fits standard sheet size, however Otty do recommend that you buy a mattress protector and rotate the bed once a month for the first 6 months to prolong the product’s life. The cover is very easy to clean as it is fully removable and machine washable. The Otty Hybrid is hypo-allergenic, containing 97% polyester and 3% spandex.

Sizes and pricing

The main selling point of Otty is their competitive pricing. They offer a sleek design and clever technology without having to break the bank, and is cheaper than rivals including Simba and the Eve Hybrid.

Ordering Your Otty Hybrid Mattress

The Otty Hybrid mattress is available to order online, however if you prefer to try before you buy, they have their own showroom in Leeds. Some Next stores also stock the mattress. 

When ordering online, you can pay via credit or debit card, Paypal or using 0% financing. Simply add the mattress to your cart, and then submit your discount and payment details at the checkout. 

Otty will send you an email around midday, with a diary schedule allowing you to select your preferred delivery date. This can be done up until 1pm, meaning if you order after this time, the order will be processed the next working day (bank holidays may be affected).

Tip: Never buy the mattress full price – there are plenty of offers and discount codes that will save you hundreds of ££.

Delivery of your Otty mattress

A range of delivery options can be chosen online. Standard delivery is free of charge, however further options can be found here:

  • Premium Delivery, packaging disposal, delivery to room of choice. £10.00
  • Saturday Delivery. £20.00
  • Premium Saturday Delivery with packaging disposal. £30.00
  • Premium Delivery with old mattress collection, packaging disposal and delivery to room of choice. £40.00
  • Premium Saturday Delivery with old mattress collection. £50.00

Otty ship their products all over the UK and Ireland, however a remote location may affect the delivery time. The mattress arrives in a compact box, however is you have any problems with lifting or tackling the stairs with a heavy box, then the two-man delivery option might be an idea. 

Unboxing your Otty Mattress

Considering the size of the springs, the Otty Hybrid does compress into a surprisingly small bundle. When opening the mattress, it’s best to leave it to settle for a minimum of 4 hours before first use. This can sometimes can take up to a few days before reaching it’s full size, and Otty advise and the corners are often the last part of the mattress to expand. 

There is a strong odour that comes with unfurling the Otty mattress – it is not particularly pleasant, but this will disperse after a few days. The lack of handles do make the mattress difficult to move around, so it is best to open it directly onto the sleeping surface you wish to use.

Otty's 10-year Warranty and 100 Day Trial

Otty does offer a 10 year warranty and a 100 day trial. The warranty does not cover any natural softening of the foam, or damage through improper use.

The 100 Night Trial period starts the day the mattress is purchased. This applies only to the mattresses, so no other products are eligible for a full refund after this length of time (pillows have a 14 night trial period, and the bed frame can be returned within 30 days). If you paid using the financing option, you can still take advantage of the 100-Night trial; the installments that have been paid up until the point of return will be refunded to you. 

 For a full insight into the boundaries of the warranty and the trial, we recommend you to read the T&C’s.


Why Should You Buy an Otty Mattress?

Then you’d be hard pushed to find a more economical choice than the Otty mattress. The mattress combines an easy, flexible customer experience, with modern technology all whilst saving those important pennies. 

Out of all of the bed-in-a-box mattresses we have tested, the Otty does feel the firmest choice. Good for back sleepers as it doesn’t allow your hips to drop and keeps your spine aligned.

Then in this instance, you can! Visit the Otty Showroom in Leeds, or find a Next store near you that sells their products. 

Otty Mattress Review final score

Otty Matras Review
The Otty Hybrid is a very good choice for those who want to get involved with the mattress-in-a-box phenomenon, without breaking the bank. It is comfortable and regulates temperature very well, however, some might find it a little too firm for their liking.
Brand reputation
Sleep Experience
Reader Rating1 Vote
Competitively priced
Good edge support around the sides
Cooling blue gel regulates the temperature
Suitable for back and heavier sleepers
Not as comfortable for those who prefer to sleep on their sides or front
No handles to move the mattress with
Motion transfer is noticeable when sleeping with a partner
Otty Matras Review

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Otty Mattress Discount
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